Crash while moving uasset to another directory in editor

Branch: Source

Build version: 4.4.0-0+UE4

Detailed description of issue:

I was moving a blueprint uasset in editor from one folder to another.
In move process multiple levels that referenced that asset were loaded.
One of those classes had blueprint instances that had childactorcomponents.
During destruction of childactorcomponents it renames child actor refernce and destroys its linker loader.
destruction of linkerroot pointer later causes a crash on line 834 UObjectGlobals in StaticLoadClass.

I appeared to resolve crash by passing REN_ForceNoResetLoaders flag to both calls of ChildActor->Rename in ChildActorComponent, but I’m not sure how safe that is.

Repro Steps

Action 1: Have or make a actor blueprint with a childactorcomponent with a pointer to another actor
Action 2: Have or create an instance of blueprint in Action 1 in multiple maps
Action 3: Move blueprint in Action 1 to a different directory.

100% repro

Hey dzeligman,

Thank you for your report. We have assigned this issue to a member of our support staff, and they will begin investigation as soon as possible. If we are unable to reproduce issue, or we need additional information, our staff member will comment here with additional questions. Otherwise, we will post an ‘Answer’ once we have logged issue in our bug database or we have a solution for it.

In meantime, please be sure to review our suggestions for how to report a bug, and feel free to edit your post if you have additional information to provide:

Please be sure to and attach your crash logs and dump files from this crash.


Hey dzeligman,

Good find! I’m reporting this bug internally.

Edit: Actually, this bug is already fixed on our internal build. It should be implemented in a future update.