Crash when use the function "OpenFiledialog"

Merry Christmas, everyone!!!

I just meet a crash today when I fixed another crash, I open the Win64 package with the “.bat” file try to open different level, it opened and when I try to import csv with open a file dialog, it crashed with the following pic, can anyone help me a little bit ?

And the OpenFileDialog function is like the 2rd pic.

Thanks advance.

Could be the same issue here:

Thanks for your reply, I got it. Cause I need to add “DesktopPlatform” to PublicDenpendencyModuleNames on the projectName.Build.cs

Glad you’ve figured it out. However, do note that DesktopPlatform is a development module, which means you could not include it in a shipping build of your game. If you plan to ship your game and you absolutely need the file picker functionality, I would suggest writing your own file picker with Slate.

Thanks a lot for telling me this, for now I don’t need build the shipping for windows, the mobile apk don’t need this function, this module only use for windows build. Cause I quite new about UE4, will try to learn how to writing my own file picker later.

Thanks, man, happy new year~