Crash when unloading streaming level: Access violation error in GetD3D11TextureFromRHITexture

My game crashes on Android when unloading a streaming level - the crash happens in GetD3D11TextureFromRHITexture. Anyone know what would cause that?

Not a %100 but usually anytime I see that d3d error it is directX related. Are you using Windows to upload the level? Are you directx drivers up to date as well as your video drivers? Access violations are usually memory related which could lead me to believe that a graphic is too much for the RAM and Video card to handle, or is corrupt, just a thought.

Did you ever figure this out?
My project which is fine on 4.23.x now crashes on 4.24.1, only when i load / unload streamed levels. Crashes in this same spot… :’(

I’d also like to know if a solution was found to this,
Can reliably replicate it by loading and unloading a level (even if the level only contains a cube) then moving to a specific spot. If you’re already standing in that spot unloading the level is where it crashes