Crash when typing into the console on 4.19 - anyone else?

hey people,

I’m having a crash whenever I type anything into the console, be it the Output Window or the in-game console in a PIE session. This is in 4.19 and when either opening and existing project or creating a new one.

I submitted a bug report with the bug submission form
however it seems a bit fishy that this would go unnoticed by Epic. perhaps it’s from my spanish keyboard layout or some hardware/software conflict
anyone else having this issue?

Some clues here maybe…

well it’s strange. for them it happens on the second keystroke but for me all I need is one single keystroke for an insta-crash

I already submitted a Bug Report. It didn’t show up in the Issue tracker yet.

The Crash persisted from Preview 1 to the final release:rolleyes:

apparently the PIE ingame console doesn’t cause it, just the on-screen console while not playing (and also the Output window)

I have the same issues

Same here.

I believe the issue described in this thread is the following one: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-54215) and a PR has been created to resolve the issue, see .

The bug is still in-engine as of today. Unable to check draw calls through regular console commands. As soon as the console open, the engine crash.

Only in 4.19.

This issue has been fixed for 4.19.1 .