crash when running dedicated server (EniGmaa guide)


I followed the tutorial by EniGmaa to build a dedicated server. It worked perfectly and then suddenly out of nowhere it started to crash upon startup. All i could get was this screenshot, because i have no idea how to read the complete log, because the console gets closed. Can someone help? It’s really wierd because it used to work.


Hi! This morning i restarted my computer and rerun the server again. And it worked! And then i shut it down and ran it again and this time i again got the crash. In the meantime i figured out where are logs being saved and found out that this is the error which i get:
**[2017.03.08-05.55.46:826] 0]LogWindows:Error: Assertion failed: !bCheckAdded || NodeRef.bAddedToGraph [File:C:\Program Files (x86)\Epic Games\UnrealEngine-release\Engine\Source\Runtime\CoreUObject\Public\Serialization/AsyncLoading.h] [Line: 248]

I’ll attach the log files for when first run when everything was fine, and the second run when i got crash.

I just realized there is already a thread which has a solution to this problem:

Glad you solved you’re issues.

With the guide I’m still working on it but havnt had much time lately .

How did you find the guide? Was there any bits you found difficult or I didn’t explain properly or any sections you feel i could make better, anything else you feel I could have added??


Your guide was very helpful (although i noticed some images are missing/duplicated) and got the job done. I just recently started using unreal engine, and i was expecting that making the dedicated server wouldn’t be so cryptic…
like it could be done without source and with just a couple of mouse clicks. Aside from your tutorial i haven’t seen any other material which covers this issue.
What makes things even harder for me is that i’m making the game with blueprints only and i have no knowledge in c++.

My ultimate goal is to integrate the server with this new amazon gamelift service and building the dedicated server was a logical first step.
If you could expand this tutorial to cover integration with gamelift, i’d be most grateful.

Yeah I noticed a few picture mistakes and corrected them the other day. It took me a long time to upload all the pictures and then to get them to display on the wiki you have to link the correct filenames so a lot of it I was copy pasting to save having to keep typing them but obviously ended up pasting in a few wrong file names .
But thanks for pointing it out

I have never personally tried to integrate a third party networking solution into unreal so unfortunately I wouldn’t feel I had enough experience to do a tutorial on this

Howether not sure if you are already aware but i know recently that they released a plugin for unreal that should make the process easier for you found here

I havnt really experimented with it but it seems pretty straight forward and there is a link provided for support so you can contact them for support and I’m sure as people try the plugin more and more threads will pop up with information

Me personally I think they are way to expensive just on the example on there pricing guide to sustain a player Base of 800 players was something like $26000 a month

But I think they have a free or lower cost tier that would be OK for testing or devloping the game .

$26000 for 800 players? That can’t be right. It’s like if every player paid you 32$ each month, it’d cover just the server hosting???

I only read it briefly so it might be a mistake but this is where I got it from.

Adding your instance and data transfer fees, your total monthly cost in this example is $24,926. By comparison, if Amazon GameLift didn’t offer autoscaling and on-demand instances but instead required you to pay for instances by the month, then your instance fees would have been $1,209 per day ($0.311 * 162 instances * 24 hours) or $36,270 over a 30-day month. Your total monthly cost including $6,776 in data transfer fees would have been $43,046. Amazon GameLift would have saved you $18,120 per month, a 42% reduction over servers that run continuously all month

Just re read it and I was reading the concurrent number of players . The actual quote was for 10k player Base lol so that makes more sense now .

I guess with a small player Base and small data transfer costs would be acceptable .

Hmm might have to have a play around with the plugin now :-p

Cool, i’d love to see what you come up with.
I managed to build the plugin on win64 but it was kinda troublesome since i needed to update my path variable to see cmake, msbuild and git.

C:\Program Files\CMake\bin;
C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\14.0\Bin\amd64;

Have not attempted anything yet will probably try tonight.
Just browsing the documentation though it isn’t that helpfull.

So when you actually install the plugin does it give you blueprint nodes or anything to actually work with inside the editor or is everything c++ code only so you have to take the sdk code and implement it yourself ??

Can only seem to find one example of setting up a server instance but this is code and cant find anything else about authenticating players or matchmaking or saving stats items etc

I just managed to build the plugin. I have no idea what to do next. I read the documentation provided in this link, but it’s not quite clear to me what needs to be done. It’s not clear to me how to add this plugin to the editor.

any solution? I have the same problem