Crash when reparenting blueprint

Trying to re-parent a blueprint causes a crash.

Hi electricsauce,

Can you give us some more information for this crash? What type of Blueprint are you trying to reparent, or does it occur with any Blueprint? Does this happen in a new project for you as well as your current project?

Please also zip and attach the log from your project after this crash occurs. It can be found in your project’s Saved\Logs folder. Thanks!

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It seems to work now. Basically I modified a parent blueprint class ( I added a boolean variable) which caused line trace errors and a few other unidentifiable node issues. Recompiling and refreshing the nodes doesn’t seem to help, but reparenting the BP to the actor class then reparenting it back to it’s original parent class seems to fix the issue.

The blueprints I’m working on use the beta version of the procedural mesh actor. When I tried to reproduce the crash to generate the log for you it worked as expected. The logs I’ve attached may have information related to the previous crashes but I’m unsure of how to interpret the data.

Thanks for the logs! It looks like we have a report in our system for this already (UE-14733), but we’re still not sure what causes it. The first thought was that it was a corrupted file, but that wouldn’t make sense if it suddenly started working for you again. I’ve added your information, but if it’s working for you now there’s not much I can get. If it starts happening again, please zip up the project and upload it somewhere I can access and send me a link so we can look it over, maybe find the cause. Until then, I’ll go ahead and resolve this issue. Thanks!