Crash when outliner search in PIE

This commonly happens when i mistype in outliner search causing no results to be shown. This is when editor crashes. It only happens when playing in editor and when no results would be returned from search.

E.g. if im trying to type ‘helicopter’, when i type ‘hek’ editor crashes because there are no actors with ‘hek’ in their name

Hi ,

I wasn’t able to reproduce this in 4.8.2. Does this only occur in your current project, or can you reproduce it in a new project as well? Does it occur when searching for any actor, only only specific actors/misspellings?

Please copy information in Crash Reporter window next time this crash occurs, make sure you submit it, and paste it in a reply here (including Machine ID so we can look it up). Then and attach log from project’s Saved\Logs folder. Thank you!

Hi KiernanChandler,

We haven’t heard from you yet on this issue, so I am resolving post for tracking purposes. If you’re still experiencing this crash, please feel free to respond with information requested above. Thanks!

This still is not resolved. It happens with every project on every UE4 version I’ve used so far.

I run through visual studio, so i crash reporter does not appear. I can provide call stack if that is what you need