Crash when opening unreal 4.12.5

So i open up the launcher and asked to update and i did. Unreal restarted and updated, after hitting launch unreal crashes. i have uninstalled and rebooted. i am running MacOS High Sierra.

Here is the crash report!


SEGV_NOOP at 0x0

SLSNewWindowWithOpaqueShape Address = 0x7fff535acb6d (filename not found) [in SkyLight]
HIMenuBarView::DrawSelf(short, __HIShape const*, CGContext*) Address = 0x7fff30b72971 (filename not found) [in HIToolbox]
HIMenuBarView::DrawWithoutCustomization(short, __HIShape const*, CGContext*) Address = 0x7fff30b72482 (filename not found) [in HIToolbox]
HIMenuBarView::DrawingDelegateHandler(OpaqueEventHandlerCallRef*, OpaqueEventRef*, void*) Address = 0x7fff30b7241a (filename not found) [in HIToolbox]
DispatchEventToHandlers(EventTargetRec*, OpaqueEventRef*, HandlerCallRec*) Address = 0x7fff30b56904 (filename not found) [in HIToolbox]
SendEventToEventTargetInternal(OpaqueEventRef*, OpaqueEventTargetRef*, HandlerCallRec*) Address = 0x7fff30b55c4d (filename not found) [in HIToolbox]
SendEventToEventTargetWithOptions Address = 0x7fff30b55ac3 (filename not found) [in HIToolbox]
HIView::SendDraw(short, OpaqueGrafPtr*, __HIShape const*, CGContext*) Address = 0x7fff30b71fbb (filename not found) [in HIToolbox]
HIView::RecursiveDrawComposited(__HIShape const*, __HIShape const*, unsigned int, HIView*, CGContext*, unsigned char, double) Address = 0x7fff30b719d7 (filename not found) [in HIToolbox]
HIView::RecursiveDrawComposited(__HIShape const*, __HIShape const*, unsigned int, HIView*, CGContext*, unsigned char, double) Address = 0x7fff30b71c57 (filename not found) [in HIToolbox]
HIView::DrawComposited(short, OpaqueGrafPtr*, __HIShape const*, unsigned int, HIView*, CGContext*) Address = 0x7fff30b7142c (filename not found) [in HIToolbox]
HIView::Render(unsigned int, CGContext*) Address = 0x7fff30b710b0 (filename not found) [in HIToolbox]
WindowData::PrepareForVisibility() Address = 0x7fff30b7076b (filename not found) [in HIToolbox]
_ShowHideWindows Address = 0x7fff30b6feab (filename not found) [in HIToolbox]
ShowHide Address = 0x7fff30b6fd92 (filename not found) [in HIToolbox]
MBWindows::GetWindowOnDisplay(unsigned int, unsigned char) Address = 0x7fff30b5faf9 (filename not found) [in HIToolbox]
MenuBarInstance::ForEachWindowDo(unsigned char, bool (OpaqueWindowPtr*, unsigned int) block_pointer) Address = 0x7fff30b5f893 (filename not found) [in HIToolbox]
MenuBarInstance::UpdateWindowBoundsAndResolution() Address = 0x7fff30b5f5a5 (filename not found) [in HIToolbox]
MenuBarInstance::Show(MenuBarAnimationStyle, unsigned char, unsigned char, unsigned char, unsigned char) Address = 0x7fff30cf0320 (filename not found) [in HIToolbox]
SetMenuBarObscured Address = 0x7fff30b90e8b (filename not found) [in HIToolbox]
HIApplication::HandleActivated(OpaqueEventRef*, unsigned char, OpaqueWindowPtr*, unsigned char) Address = 0x7fff30c0dd82 (filename not found) [in HIToolbox]
HIApplication::EventObserver(unsigned int, OpaqueEventRef*, void*) Address = 0x7fff30b8cfa6 (filename not found) [in HIToolbox]
_NotifyEventLoopObservers Address = 0x7fff30b55fa0 (filename not found) [in HIToolbox]
AcquireEventFromQueue Address = 0x7fff30b8ca0d (filename not found) [in HIToolbox]
ReceiveNextEventCommon Address = 0x7fff30b7da4b (filename not found) [in HIToolbox]
_BlockUntilNextEventMatchingListInModeWithFilter Address = 0x7fff30b7d884 (filename not found) [in HIToolbox]
_DPSNextEvent Address = 0x7fff2ee2ea73 (filename not found) [in AppKit]
-[NSApplication(NSEvent) _nextEventMatchingEventMask:untilDate:inMode:dequeue:] Address = 0x7fff2f5c4e34 (filename not found) [in AppKit]
-[NSApplication run] Address = 0x7fff2ee23885 (filename not found) [in AppKit]
tchar_main(int, wchar_t**) Address = 0x10f8683ca (filename not found) [in UE4Editor]
main Address = 0x10f867c3e (filename not found) [in UE4Editor]
start Address = 0x7fff5977d015 (filename not found) [in libdyld.dylib]