Crash when open my project

here is my crash log

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Could you please post your dxdiag? Also, does this only happen on one project or does it happen on a clean project with no additional code?

how to get dxdiag? it only happens to 1 project ( not clean, with a lot of blueprints) . I found out the problem, it is caused by endless compile of blueprint. wad i meant by endless compile is, for example i have 3 blueprint : myCharacter, myInventory, myItem. When i compile myCharacter > myInventory > myItem, my myCharacter becomes uncompile again n this goes on and on, i cannot manage to get those 3 blueprint to be compiled. Soon i found out it was becoz of myItem calling functions from myCharacter. It is solved by using interface

To get your dxdiag, please open your start menu and in the searchbar type cmd. Open the cmd window then type dxdiag and press enter. Attach the file here so I can have a look. I don’t quite understand the last part, did you solve your crash by utilizing blueprint interfaces?

It sounds as though those newer files had become corrupted. If you feel comfortable with it, would you mind posting a copy of them in a . file on here so we can have a look?

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here u go, yes i solve it by using blueprint interface instead of using cast to myCharacter then use a function from mycharacter. by doing so, i can compile all 3 blueprint. oh yea, to open the crashed project, i have to replace all 3 of the blueprint with old autosaves so i can reopen the project, after replacing the blueprints i slowly trace back wad i did and found out those 3 blueprint was stuck in a compile loop…

i already deleted the crashed 1, but i can try to create the crash again and email it to u instead, maybe tomoro

If you are able to recreate it and post it here, I would be more than happy to have a look.


We have not heard from you in quite some time. I am marking this as answered for tracking purposes. However, if you do experience this crash again please comment here with the requested information. Thank you!

sry i have been busy lately and can i email u instead? i dun feel comfortable posting here

Have you managed to recreate the crash?

yes, i did it

How large is the project you were able to recreate this in?


If you can do that then email me the link to the dropbox, that way it stays secure, I would be happy to have a look at what you have going on.

1gb, i can upload to dropbox, i can upload step by step instruction to cause the crash, basically its just 1 step which 1 connecting 1 node together in a blueprint

i cant find ur email

I will email you. Please email me the link afterwards.