Crash when launching app on UE4.15

It does not generate the crash report screen when this happens, but I got the following screenshot from the app when trying to execute


Hi NilsonLima,

Where did this game originate from? Is this a custom game that you’ve created or is this from Contents Examples that you have renamed?

Also, if possible, please list any repro steps that we can follow in order to reproduce the issue on our end.



Hi ,

this is part of a game Im developing. Usually when I build a blueprint, I do it in a 3rd Person template and once finished I migrate it to my game project. The current state of this blueprint is to create a set of dynamic materials on the OnConstruct function when then on the OnBeginPlay I do create the render targets, draw the dynamic materials on them. The render targets once build I use them to set the textures in the mesh which resides inside the same blueprint. On the material side, they are mostly AlphaComposite/Unlit. The next step Im going to do is to start unplug some nodes until I stop having the issue and I will report back here with more details. For now follow the log from the launching process.
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I have found the steps to reproduce the same error in a very small project with one blueprint. It seems the issue is doing Draw Material to Render Target where the source material is using AlphaComposite/Unlit mode, it works with something different. I need this mode because I need to assemble all the 4 channels for the texture (packed texture). This method is according a solution proposed by Ryan Brucks in order to allow this. The issue only occurs then you hit the launch button, otherwise playing the game inside the viewport works fine, therefore it is impossible to package a project for production.

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Were you able to download and try the project I attached? Just wondering…

Hi NilsonLima,

Thank you for submitting a bug report. I have reproduced the issue and logged it as UE-42283 which you can track on the following link: Unreal Engine Issues. Please be aware that since the issue must be reviewed and prioritized by our development staff, it may be a while before it can be addressed.