Crash when launch

Hi alll…
I have this error when i try to launch the game…

I tried arleady to delete all assets and the problem still stay there, so i go in the file cpp linked and i deleted that line and still the problem is there so i writed that line again… How i m supposed to do for resolve this?
P.S. this problem occurs only in this project

Delete the project’s save and intermediate folder, then if the problem persist delete the blueprint you were last working on (make a backup).

Now it works. But now the problem is that in testing all works, but in launch I can t go in a others map… Why? BTW for who had my problem is a problem with the build. I checked the log and I saw that I was missing an empty c class for my plugin

Why it happens

Plase, can someone helps me?

Please, why it happens?

It’s a bug?

Please, i need your help

Can someone helps me?