Crash when debug blueprint file

I download new project MemoryCard and found crash.
Frequency reproduction 5/5 attempts

  1. Open blueprint file - “BP_Card_HUD”
  2. Press play button
  3. Select in Debug Filter file BP_Card_HUD
  4. Wait about 30 second
  5. Try drag blueprint with right mouse button
    6.Or try click in Comment section “Draw moves remaining”, find variable and try click on the “MovesCounter”

Small wishes/question

  1. Crashreprot don’t have callstack. It’s ok or need place to exe .pdb file?
  2. As it is difficult to do and whether you want a program with which to send a sequence of actions. For fast, accurate perroduction bugs


Thank you for your report. I was able to reproduce the crash you experience, but I was also able to see that we have an internal update that removes that issue. Once it has been pushed through, you will no longer experience the crash.