Crash when changing the last value of a static map with vector keys

Steps to reproduce :

  • Create a new blank project in blueprints
  • Create a new blueprint class Actor
  • Create a map variable with vectors as keys and bytes/integers/etc as values
  • Add a new key and set it to “X=1/Y=0/Z=0”
  • Add a new key and set ti to “X=2/Y=0/Z=0”
  • Add a last key and set it to “X=3/Y=0/Z=0”
  • Now you can change the values of the first two keys : if you compile and save the engin doesn’t crash
  • If you change the last value, the engine crashes

Hey Kaigan,

I just tested this in 4.16.1, and I’m not seeing the same crash occur. If you are able to reproduce this in a clean project, please provide the project so that I can take another look.



Here is the project. link text

  • Open “NewBlueprint”
  • Select “NewVar_0”
  • Change the default value (Int) of Element 1 from 0 to anything else
  • Compile : the editor crashes

I just updated to 4.16.2 and it still occurs.

Sorry for the delay on this one. Thank you for the project. I’ve reproduced the issue, but I came across a ticket in our database that mentions that this issue is resolved as of 4.17. If you still experience the issue post 4.17, please let me know and I’ll take another look.

Have a great day