Crash upon stack trace extraction (crash dbgeng.dll)


Everytime the game crashes (even with “debug crash” console command), we never get the stack trace and instead it crashes and shows a popup like “The procedure entry point SymGetDiaSession could not be located in the dynamic link library c:\windows\system32\dbgeng.dll”. Sometimes this happens with other function StackWalkEx.

This happens within the editor (developement editor builds) that we copy to our artist team (we publish dll+pdb using SVN). We also ship them a copy of a build of our modified engine (I don’t think we did something wrong in our engine changes…)

This used to work with UE 4.12, but we upgraded to 4.15 and now we have this issue.

Launching from the uproject from a developer machine does not have the issue. (however the engine is built locally and visual studio 2015 is installed, so…)

The game works correctly, it just prevent us to get a callstack whenever an artist crashes and having the callstack of what happened was really helpful to investigate (and to identify) different problems.

Does anyone has any clues of where to look or test to do?


I found out the cause of the issue. We delivered a version of dbghelp.dll along in the SVN working copy (near the game dll). It seems that this version was incompatible with the system version of the dbgeng.dll . Removing it get rid of the error dialog.

Hope this helps some of you.

(However, we still don’t have the crash report client showing, but it’s another problem…)