Crash the editor to Build a Light map in big size Landscape

Crash the editor to Build a Light map in Landscape.

Landscape size is 15X15 quads and 32 X 32 components and Section is 1X1.

using UE 4.8.0 preview 3.0

plz help.

yes, me too. Basic empty level, created a landscape and placed a sphere, built lighting and it crashes around 30-40% export. UE4.8p3

Hi sharbong -

This looks to be a known issue (UE-15623, for reference) whose fix is currently in testing and slated for release with the next 4.8 preview release. If the problem reoccurs in the next release please come back and let us know.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Hey Eric, thank you and was that preview 5 or the one just released?

looks like it works now on preview 4, but running out of memory. so different issue now which is good.
thanks for the information

This should be fixed in Preview 4.