Crash tappy chicken on some devices

I have experimented a crash which does not occur always. Tappy chicken crashes when going to leaderboard and going back from there.

I have experimented this in 4.4.2 android devices with mali GPU.

It does not occur always. If you can go back and forth from leaderboard to mainmenu try to play a game and do again. When closing leaderboard UI game crashes.

Hey ,

What version of Google Play Services are you on? This crash may be caused by a recent Google patch (Google is aware of issue).

You mean google play services apk in my device? i do not remember, it must be last one.

But this issue is no “new”, I have seen this behavior in past (can not remember how many monts ago).

What I can say is that I can see this behavior also with other UI. I have integrated admob interstitials and it happens when I close UI (okey, they rely in gogle play services). This also happens with chartboost interstitials, which I have also integrated, when I close interstitial my app crashes. Again, this is happening on some devices (i think they all have mediatek processor and 4.4.2 android version, but could be more)

I said Tappy Chicken because is your game and you can fully test issue with it.

I was unclear when I said ‘recent’, this issue has existed for at least two months.

This thread says that it’s fixed in 6.7.74. Can you check to see if updating to that fixes your problem?

what is this 6.7.74 ? last update is 6.5.99 right?

if not, how can I download 6.7.74?

in google page, this apk is version 6.5.99

BTW. I think issue is not related because in some devices it works and other devices do not work (with same google play). And I’m not getting any of these exceptions reported in link you provided

On page you linked, under “Current Version”, you can see it says “Varies with device”. Some devices do not yet have access to 6.7.74.

On our test device, we were able to update Google Play Services to 6.7.76 by updating Google Play Games on Play Store. We don’t see crash after update (for all 50 tries of showing leaderboard and returning to game). If you aren’t able to update that way, you may have to wait until services update is deployed for your device.

Okey, I have downloaded google play services APK from APKmirror (Google Play services 6.7.76 (1745988-038) (038) APK Download by Google LLC - APKMirror) and succesfully updated my devices.

It crashes with same steps I said. As I said, it does not seem an issue related to one you linked because it does not shows any kind of exception. It silently crashes

I attach an stacktrace i got from a tombstone (BTW IDK but tombstones aren’t always generated…)

Crash Dump

Even more information: Other games work perfect with leaderboards, interestitials, etc … so its Unreal Engine faults’ for sure …

If that’s not issue, we’re going to need more information to figure this out. Could you give us your logcat for crash and device’s model number? If you’re seeing it on multiple devices, model numbers for all of them would be ideal. We can’t reproduce crash unless we know specifically which devices this crash is occurring on.

I have reproduced it on two mediatek devices:
G-Star 9000 and bq aquaris e5 hd. Both ship a mediatek processor with a Mali GPU.

I have attached a crash dump on comment below this one … logcat does not provide any useful information besides a WIN DEATH ocasional. There is no java exception.

I think this is a threading issue, because I get random segmentation fault (SIGSEV) when running on a debugger.

I’m not able to reproduce this on 6.7.76 version of GPS on a Mali-T628. Since I don’t know nature of Google’s fix; I wonder if it could leave a phone or account in a broken state.

Thanks for providing log and dump data in case we’re able to find anything useful in them.

In meantime, if you go to Google Settings app, can you select Connected apps → Tappy Chicken? From there you can disconnect app from your phone and check a box that says “Also delete all your TappyChicken activities on Google”. It would be good to test if that can fix issue (reboot phone, as well).

Just to be clear: this only happens with unreal engine games (tappy, my game). I have tested with other games from play store and they do not crash. So I do not think is a GPS issue. I think it’s not a threading issue, when run in debugger I get random sigsev after closing Google ui. This only happens with ue4 games.

Btw, yesterday I tested with another m6592 device and it didn’t crash with Android 4.2.2.

A programmer was able to look at dump and confirm with you. If you’re trying to look at logcat using Tappy Chicken from Google Play Store you won’t get any useful logging because that’s a shipping build for distribution.

If you’re able to help us troubleshoot your devices, we would get some information from a logcat if you package a build (of anything, even empty map) using development configuration and launch it on device.

Note that if you package Tappy Chicken, Google Play won’t be enabled unless package for distribution is enabled; shipping would again be force-enabled which will prevent logging.

sure, I want to help.
What exactly do you want to see in logcats?

I can package a development build of my own game and use google play services (I have registered both debug and ship keys) and see logs …

Just tell me what do you need to hunt down this bug.

A copy of entire log, which should include some UE4 specific logging about your device. It wouldn’t have to be Tappy Chicken.

If you’re packaging from inside editor, enabling google play and distribution will disable option to package in development. Google play services shouldn’t function without distribution enabled.

I will prepare a log for you.

BTW. It is indeed possible to get google play services working with development and debug builds. You have to register debug key in google play services. I’m doing this currently and it works perfectly, so I will be able to provide a full log. Just look here Google Play Setup - Mobile - Epic Developer Community Forums you will see there is a step where Nolland explains how to do it.

I attach a complete log as requested. This is on a 4.7 engine versionlink text

I also attach a with 10 tombstones (crashes from my game). It seems there is a threading issue when it gets back from google UItombstones

Sorry about delay; I was at GDC last week. Looking at traces it seems to be crashing in graphics driver. This is a Mali-450? I’ll see if I have anything similar to test here.