Crash since update v254.0

My server has been crashing since v254.0. I believe I traced it down to the dodorex. I have a mod I created using it. It seems that the bases with it crash the player out of the game with timeout errors preventing rejoining. I was able to get to some of the ones in the wild in the redwoods and noticed they move around without any animation now and real jump. It seems like when I find one outside of the redwoods is then it crashed. I tried loading up the editor and hit play and the editor crashes. I hit the verify button and it seems to hang at 97%.

I was able the get the dev kit to complete verification. But when I try to load up the DodoRex blueprint it hangs for a extremely long time, probably around 15-20 min. I did have the animation folder copied over to my mod directory. Everything was working until the new update. Anyone know what would have been changed in this update to cause these issues? When I hit the play button, it hangs for a very long time, id say another 10 or 15 minutes. I am able to spawn in the dodorex and it moves and operates properly.