Crash Reproduction hints for UE-51146

We hit the crash mentioned in UE-51146 every minute while printing debug text to the screen.

I think you can probably reproduce this in any VR project by playing in VR and printing a few lines of debug text every tick. The crash should happen within a couple minutes.

Interestingly the crash goes away after checking “Debug Canvas in Layers” checkbox in the rendering settings.

[edit: The crash happens even with Debug Canvas on now. I’m not sure what changed…]

Even with debug canvas in layers checked it crashes for me.

Yeah, I do too now. I updated my engine to the latest on the 4.18 branch, so maybe that changed it?


Thank you for providing information on this issue. I have added the information to the JIRA so that our devs have more information to work with.

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I am also hitting this bug in my VR project in version 4.18.1. I had not seen it in version 4.15.3. There seems to be no clear repro or correlation with any particular behaviour, as sometimes it runs without crashing, while other times it will crash within 1-2 minutes of use.

My only real repro steps are to run the project and Play in VR Preview, stop the play session, and repeat. NathanSculptrVR’s hints that it might be to do with the debug output seem as likely as anything else, but I can’t confirm this especially as debug output is frequent enough in my project that there’s always a recent bit of output prior to the crash.

Not sure how helpful any of this is, but I wanted to flag that it’s happening for me too and hope a fix can be found.

Same here. It crashes after a few minutes of “Play in VR Preview” without any obvious reason or clear repro step. It started after I upgrade from 4.17.2 to 4.18.1. The same way, I encounter the crash mentioned in UE-51727 (Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-51146)) randomly in “Play in VR Preview”.

Developping a VR game became quite painful with those crashes :frowning:

Same too with me and 4.18.1. I really hope there will be a hotfix out for this since it’s making VR development almost impossible in 4.18.

Oh awesome!!

The fix was pushed last week to the 4.18 branch on GitHub. Looks like it will make it into 4.18.2.