Crash Reporter for Beta/Shipping games

I am looking for something like the built-in crash reporter but for Beta/Shipping builds. Can the built-in crash reporter be configured to use a different backend, and how should that be implemented?

The reporter client part should be easy to integrate in C++ and the backend should be easy to use. If the backend can integrate with other system like Jira it’s a bonus.

So far I have found some commercial solutions like Bugsplat and Backtrace but I haven’t tried them.

Any ideas, suggestions?

BugSplat has Unreal integration (only for Windows at the moment):

You should look at the source code, you can see that CrashReporter is using some ini entry. You might just have to modify them to your backend and build up the different web page needed to upload the data.


Backtrace has support for the native Unreal crash reporter. Learn more at Unreal Engine - Backtrace - You’re able to integrate just by modifying some .ini setting. Note, it doesn’t support the PLCrashReporter back-end, but it should work fine for Windows and Mac. We have yet to test extensively with Mac, however. We’ve several Unreal games using us.