Crash reporter customization


I have a few questions about the crash report and how to make it more useful in my project.

I have a plugin, that people use, and sometimes it crashes. The plugin is mainly used from the editor, not a shipped project
I would like to gather the crash info.
I have a sentry account and managed to get a crash report into there and it’s great, but my questions are as follows:

Can I let the project know to use the
[CrashReportClient]DataRouterUrl part from the Project/Plugins/MyPlugin/Config/DefaultEngine.ini

and not C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_4.26\Engine\Programs\CrashReportClient\Config\DefaultEngine.ini from the Engine

When I change it in the C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_4.26\Engine\Programs\CrashReportClient\Config ini file, it sends to sentry, when in the plugin/Config/DefaultEngine.ini it does not sends
Is this possible?

Is it possible to change some text or the buttons in the actual crash reporter via C++?
I found CrashReportClientRichText but it doesn’t seem to make any changes.

Are my needs possible or something that is not there by design?

If not this way, is there any way to “manually” upload the dump generated with something like
I have not been able to fdind any information on how to use this in this way, but it would be very helpful if someone has an example