[Crash report] Editor(4.8.3) crash on Mac

Hi Epic,

Our team have worked on a code-based project for last two month on windows, recently we would like to test IOS package but we got this problem.

UE4 Editor crashed all the time when the project’s GameMode BP(or some other BP) is opened.

If create a new project and package it, everything works fine.
I have submitted crash log through unreal’s crash report client.



Hi xiuxiu,

I have used your reports in addition to information from the crash reporter to enter the following bug report:JIRA [UE-22186]. However, I was not able to reproduce the issue here on our Mac running OS 10.10.4. Therefore, while we try determine the cause of the bug with just the logs, here are a few things you can try in order to resolve this on your end:

First, try updating your Mac’s OS to 10.10.4. Secondly, open a copy of your project in UE4.9.2. If neither of these work, please send us a copy of your project. In order to ensure your privacy, you can send a dropbox link to me in a private message on our : https://.unrealengine.com/

Thank you for your cooperation in resolving this issue,

Hi ,

Thanks very much for response.
I will try 4.9.2 and update Mac’s OS.

Hi ,

I have updated Mac’s OS to 10.10.5, and crashed again when I tried to open some BPs.

After that, I used 4.9.2 to open the project, it’s OK to package. But when I open the app on my device, it looked pretty bad.
BTW, there are some red errors in the editor’s(4.9.2) output log which I have no idea how to fix.

I have sent a copy of the project to you.


  1. How does it look bad on your device? (Please describe or send an image of the issue.)
  2. Please send a screen shot of the errors in red from the editor (These must be corrected in order for your game to package and deploy to the device correctly.)
  3. What device are you publishing to and what iOS is it running?

Hi ,

Sorry for late reply.

Part(about 1/4) of screen is out of my device’s screen(iphone 6). And some textures are replaced with some white block(some blurred text on it). Maybe it’s another problem.

There are too much errors and warnings, so here is the txt:link text

The last project’s copy is not the current project we used, I have sent the original one to you.

Thanks for help.

By removed function references which is defined in “BPF_ScriptUtils” from
some BP Macros, most of the red errors gone.

There are two errors left I can’t fix for now:

LogBlueprint:Error: [compiler W_Barrack_List] Error This blueprint (self) is not a TRASHCLASS_W_List_414, therefore ’ Target ’ must have a connection.

LogBlueprint:Error: [compiler W_Factory_List] Error This blueprint (self) is not a TRASHCLASS_W_List_414, therefore ’ Target ’ must have a connection.

These two List are derived from W_CastleBuildList, and W_CastleBuildList is derived from W_List. I will try fix these later.

When I launched your project to our device there were a number of externally referenced warnings for cetain actors as shown here:

This was corrected by changing the name of the containing folder as described here (You may need to update the code as well):

[Answer Hub1: Exernally referenced warnings][2]
[Answer Hub2: Exernally referenced warnings][3]

Fixing the externally referenced actors will correct the whitebox with blurred text problem.

As for the lower portion of the screen getting cut off, this is a matter of getting the canvas to include the “W_ChatPanel” widget in the main canvas. -This is not a bug where a quarter of the screen is getting clipped.

Hi ,

Changing project directory’s name indeed fixed the externally referenced warnings, but the white block problem still happens on my ip6.

I don’t understand the screen clipped problem, can you explain more specific?

Really thank you for your help.

The white boxes are generic place holders for those textures so you must make sure those textures are contained inside the content browser of the engine, included when packaging, and not referencing textures outside the game project folder.

As for the screen clipping problem. It is not cutting off a quarter of the image at the bottom. Instead the main canvas is not including the “W_ChatPanel” widget. Due to the complexity of the way you have your widgets set up, it is not feasible for us to provide specific support regarding the placement of the widget, other than to say you will need to include that specific widget with one of the wrap options in UMG.

Hi ,

Thanks for your help, again.

I’ll go deeper into our project. I have last two questions.

  1. Is there any log file to find out what happen in app launched on my device?
  2. How can I output sth to log file by cpp code ?

I have removed “W_ChatPanel”'s asset and all the references, the screen still got clipped.

Then I created a simple UserWidget and put it on the screen, it happend again.

I guess some settings about Widget are not correct in my project. Now I am testing on a new blank project, hope to find sth.

The result surprized me, the first one is mobile preview in editor, second is app on my device.

here is what I just done:

  1. create new c++ project from a blank template

  2. create a UserWidget, drag images(with different sizes, different colors) on the panel canvas.

  3. create a BP derived from GameMode, in the BeginPlay event:

a) create widget

b) add to viewport

I must misunderstood how to setup for IOS package.

Here are some sample widget settings that may help:

When you launch to the device, it will say “show log” on the tab in lower right hand corner of screen. This will show you where your app is crashing and what files are being referenced outside the editor.

Hi ,

I have slightly changed DPI curve in project settings → user interface, the screen clipped problem solved.
If you like I could post the current DPI curve’s screen shot here.

Still, there are some problems unsolved:

  1. the whole screen looked blurred compared to android version. I’ve tried to changed all the mipmap settings to “Nomipmap” in Device profile’s iphone6 section. I will do more test in new project after, it takes much times.

  2. Some textures can not be displayed, even it’s copied to another source file on mac, then import the new source file and place the new asset into UserWidget. But this doesnt matter, we are going to place all the UI textures into some big pot textures. Just let you know this issue.

  3. Our UI is displayed correct almost, but there is a line(maybe one pixel) at the bottom uncovered by UI. BTW, android has similar problem, the uncovered pixel appeared at the right side. We could fix it by scaling DPI a bit, but if this issue has been fixed in new update, I’d like to see it.


Hello guys,

It’s time to finish this long thread and I want to share sth.

If you package iOS for the frist time, some problems probably happens:

  1. The UMG canvas scales unexpectedly.You could try to set DPI curve’s lowest node to (10.8, 0.01), assuming your project is under 1080p.

  2. Some textures are replaced by white blocks, and some textures are pretty blurred. You could open these textures set mipmap to “NoMipmaps”, texture group to “UI”, compression to “UserInterface”. It works for me.

  3. If your project target on multiple platforms, maybe you should provide multiple UMGs for different resolutions.

The end, thank for all the help, I have learned a lot.

Hi xiuxiu,

Thank you for posting your findings as I had not had a chance to address your last set of problems. If you have any more questions feel free to ask, but please start a new post as this one has gotten long, as you have noted.

Again, thanks the information you’ve added and for the feedback!

Hi xiuxiu,

We are unable to reproduce the crash in the latest version of the engine so this may be fixed. Please try opening a copy of your project in the 4.11 preview and let us know if the issue with crashing has been resolved.

If you are still experiencing crashing in 4.11, please provide a copy of the project this is occurring in so that we can determine the cause. If you do not want to post a link to your project publicly, you can send a link to your zipped file to me in a private message on our [forum].1