Crash Report: Dedicated Server using Mod and 3rd party Map

I have a Mod that force loads a map. The .umap is in the Maps folder.

If I host a local game, all is well.

If I run a dedicated server it crashes. Any help?

Update. If you copy the .umap file into the SavedArks folder the game loads.

It would be great if you could specify a map in the .ini(via the workshop ID) to load instead, or on the command line if it would grab it from the workshop.

Update, if the Mod for the map is in the Mods folder, you can call the map that way as well.

That’s great news. All we need now is a way for the Server to call 2 mods. That would have to be added to the .INI I expect.

That’s could create a lot of potential problems with so many game files needing to be edited for every mod that we do.

In this thread, I’m referring specifically to loading 1 mod and 1 map. Currently the maps ARE mods, so that’s why I mentioned 2 mods.

To load more than 1 mod (not maps) you would need a mod manager. That will get ugly for sure.

I see this working down the line, but right now I don’t think its possible. I could be entirely wrong though. I’m pretty sure that because of the way they have mods setup currently that there is literally no way on our ends to accomplish this OTHER THAN combining the mods (you would need the original pre-cooked files for the map AND the gameplay mod), and cooking them out together to work together.

Right. You need a Mod Manager. It doesn’t exist.

I thought you could add multiple mods to your command line? No?

Edit: Or is this specifically for mods with different base maps?