[Crash] 'Remove Struct Pin' in Blueprint Occasionally causes crash

I have a struct that I created in C++ exposed to blueprints, with about 20 members of mixed arrays, booleans and floats.

If I create a ‘Set Members In Struct Variable’ in a blueprint, I am given option to remove pins I don’t want to see. However, this often causes a crash after removing one of last few pins.

A better option would be a ‘collapse’ arrow at bottom of setter, which automatically hides unused pins.

Hey TheJamsh,

I wasn’t able to reproduce this crash in 4.6.1. Which version of engine are you using? Are you able to reproduce this in a new project, or only your current project? Do you have a log for this crash that we can look at? Thanks!

Using 4.6.1, I’ll get Crash Log next time it happens! Thanks!

Hey TheJamsh,

Any luck reproducing crash and getting a crash log?

Hi TheJamsh,

We haven’t heard back from you about this issue, so I’m resolving this post for tracking purposes. If you’re able to reproduce crash again and attach a crash log for us, we’ll continue investigating. Thanks!

Hi , sorry for delay.

I’ve attached Crash Logs, Callstack and Dump File for crash. Was simple enough to reproduce error.

Let me know if this helps, If not I’ll try and create a test project.

link text

Hey TheJamsh,

I apologize for delay (I was in hospital for a little while). I took a look at logs, but I still can’t seem to reproduce this. Would you mind putting a small test project together for me? Thanks!

Hey TheJamsh,

It sounds like you may be helping out at GDC, so you might not be able to look into this further for now. Let me know if you can put that test project together for me and we can continue looking into it when you are able. For now, I’ll mark it resolved for tracking purposes. Thanks!