Crash recovery

Hi there, I am an absolute newbie and I have built a level with nanite assets and created a cinematic sequence, basic camera and timeline.

Then UE5 crashed, then when I open the project file the level is gone, nothing I built is there. I know that there were autosavings while I was working. I went into the folders to see what is saved but there is nothing that made sense to me. Some strange file types that’s it.

How can I recover my file? Is there any way or do I have to restart? Ver strange.

If there are no previous valid saves left on the disk then your data might be lost. Before making any further use of the editor, you should check the log directories for any warnings / errors. The level data might have been corrupted, or it simply doesn’t currently load.

You should always prepare for these situations by making backups and by using version control (Git) a LOT from now on because things go corrupt every now and then in UE.