Crash on using foliage tool

My editor crashes when I use foliage tool in any way. The strange part about this is that it worked properly before, but now crashes. Also, it only seems to crash when I try to do a test run of the game. I placed a lot of foliage actors before, and they’re present on the map, but now I can’t place any new foliage! I can’t play or save anything right now.

Hi movildima, sorry you’re having trouble. Could you give me a bit more info about the problem to help us track down the cause?

What version are you running? Did things start to break after you updated to a new version of UE4?

Does a crash message appear?

Would you be able to attach the latest log file after a crash? It’s in the Saved\Logs folder under your project folder.


Nevermind, it’s all working now. It looks like my project was crashing because there was too much foliage on the map. Perhaps I should make it smaller. Thank you anyway.