Crash on UE4Editor Startup Manjaro


I was trying to install the Unreal Engine on Manjaro on my laptop.
CPU: intel i5-7300HQ
RAM; 8gb
GPU; NVidia GTX 1050 mobile

Saddly i was not able to even compile the shaders. (std error code 11).
So i compiled them on my desktop and just copied all the files.

But now when the Editor opens it instantly crashes and i have no idea why.

This is the log file of the crashed session.
link text

Hpefully someone can help me fix this issue.
I really would like to use the engine on the go.

Thanks for the Help!

Dear valued Unreal Engine user,

You may wish to look at using a shared DDC instead of copying shaders directly between machines. Please see this article for details:

The first suggestion would be to use the DDC to compile the shaders instead of using the other machine, incase there is any data that should not be shared between machines.

From looking though the look it looks as though there is an assertion in MovieRenderPipelineCore when cleaning up a static resource:

[2020.05.30-17.11.22:910][  0]LogCore: Assertion failed: !GIsRHIInitialized || !GRHISupportsRHIThread [File:Runtime/RHI/Public/RHIStaticStates.h] [Line: 98] 

What is interesting, is that the callstack indicates that X11 is erroring and then force exits the engine. That may not be cleaning up correctly, so the assertion is simply a “symptom”.


The next step here would be to debug into the X11 protocol to find out what that error was exactly, and try to track back from there. You could try breaking in _XError using gbd or lldb for example.

If this is too indepth or produces no results, another area to look at would be making sure you are using up to date drivers for your distribution.

Thank you for your continued support,