Crash on Startup

Hey all,

After a number of crashes in a row, my unreal project is refusing to load all the way. It will start to load, get to ~30% and crash.

I’ve attached the log, but I’m not sure what to make of it.

Could anyone lend a hand?

Thanks in advance

An update,

I’d overlooked that it was the engine itself crashing rather than my project, so I reinstalled UE, updated various drivers and disabled SLI to no success.

Not sure where to go from here

I should note this is on 4.15.2, although I had it running for ~ hour before the issue began

heeelp = (

Hi aque0us, please check at this answer that has been working for now: UE Editor is not starting

Please let me to know if it worked :wink:

Awesome, thanks for the workaround! It’s working for me on the other account now, but nothing on my main. I’ll just start migrating everything over unless you know of a fix for the main account

Let me think… mmmm… You can copy your current project (which is failing) into the new account, open it up in the new user account (it must run). After that, save it and close it. Finally, come back to your current account and open again the project that you copied and opened. It has to work <3

If not please let me to know

Not to discount the possibility I’m failing at this simple task, but no cigar.

Still I’m quite happy being able to use the editor! = )

Also tried copying the copied project back over to open and making a new project and then opening that, saving on different levels, even saving in game haha = (

I just went with a migration, thank you so much for your help!! ^^