Crash on start-up (Seemingly random)

4.14.1 Engine

Crash Error

I can open the level I was working on. I gained access to the project by manually changing the level on startup via the gameengine.ini.
This allowed me to switch back to the level I was originally working on which lead me to believe the level was not at fault. It wasn’t.
I realise now my character blueprint when either opened or right clicked causes an instant crash.
This makes little sense because the last time I opened it, it was fine and I added no new code since closing the porject and reopening it.

Also to note; Opening any other blueprint associated with the character blueprint also causes an instant crash.

I can create a new character and run it fine. The game mode file works fine.

How can I fix the character blueprint?
There is roughly 100+ hours put into the blueprint with many lines of code.

It looks as though it’s trying to do the same few things over and over.
It was working last night, I saved the project and closed it and now upon opening it today, it throws this error each time I try to launch it.

Also worth noting:

My engine is not located in the D: drive?
It was once though, so perhaps this is residual locations.

I have edited this to shorten and revise the original comment.

Clicking the character blueprint and associative blueprints of the character causes instant crash.
Last save and close of editor had no changes.


[uAsset that is suspected of causing crash][2]

What else can I upload to help get this resolved?

I have accidentally destroyed the project beyond repair by dragging and dropping a backup of the project onto the latest without backing up the changes.

As a result of these actions, there is no reasonable way of troubleshooting this issue.

This can be either deleted or marked as resolved.

Thank you.

Closed for tracking purpose as TroJanVirus said he has it sorted out.