Crash on re-texturing

Hello Heiko,

can you please be more specific regarding this problem? What steps did you make and what settings did you use that led to the crash? Would it be possible to share some screenshots? Thank you.

weird - posting from mobile the text somehow got missing it seems - anyway:

I had a textured model of about 1.7 mio verts.

I simplified it to about 500.000, then unwrapped it and started the texturing.

After a while it crashed (I sent the crash reports)

Is the process im doing “wrong” ?

You may want to look at the unwrap parameters before you texture and do the unwrap first. That should give you a checkerboard like “texture” on the model.

I have had RC fail texturing/unwrapping when the number of textures it should generate was set too low (for fixed textures) and it could not unwrap the mesh entirely within the restricted space.

Thanks for the hint. Gotta learn more theoretical basics about that I guess.

Hello Heiko,

is this problem related to the one reported here?

probably is - as here

I still thought it just was stuck - maybe I was doing something wrong - after the crash, I filed this:

But you are right - it’s probably the same thing as this one