Crash on Quit game in standalone

Hey, since 4.18.2 the standalone version (Windows) crashes if the game quit via blueprint.
It brings up the crash reporter.

In 4.18.1 everything was fine.
I am not able to reproduce that in a blank project, but i am also not able to fix the problem in my game.

Thank you for your help!

I just wanted to bump this, as it’s happening 50% of the time in my game as well, only in builds and standalone editor, the viewport always works perfectly fine. It’s not a “problem” as they are trying to quit, but it isn’t very nice. I am in 4.27.2.

I was able to fix my issue thanks to AndrewFord. All I needed to do was uncheck “Use Borderless Window” in the Project settings. Crash on Project Exit Fatal Error