Crash on open project - UE4Editor.exe process has crashed

Last night my project was opening just fine, but now when I open it it says that the UE4Editor.exe process has crashed. (Sometimes it says UE4Editor-cmd.exe instead.) My other projects open flawlessly. I am using version 4.0.1, but I don’t think updating would help, because it was working not 24hrs ago. (Unless there was a hidden fix for this in the patch… ?) What on earth could have gone wrong? Is there some way I can “repair” my project, or something? Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

P.S. it’s not a graphics compatibility problem, it WAS working last night. I didn’t make any system changes since then. It must be related to the project itself.

No one have any ideas? I’m really disappointed that I lost all of my work that easily… looks like I’ll have to start a new project… :frowning:


Could you please zip your Logs folder from your [Project]/Saved/Logs and post it here? That will allow us to further investigate this issue.

Thank you!

Okay, here it is:

I hope you find something :slight_smile: Please keep me posted!

What happens if you try to create a new project?

Making a new project works just fine. I’m wondering if some necessary file (dll or something) was corrupted in my project.

Hmm, does your project have any C++ code?

Yes it does. It compiles successfully, but the editor still crashes.

What happens if you compile it with the configuration “_____ Editor” and run it from visual studio? It’s more than likely crashing in your game code - the editor has to run some portion of it. Running the editor out of visual studio will allow you to see where it’s crashing.

Yup, it was a code error, I had a skeletalmesh variable not initialized… found it with a breakpoint while in debug mode. Thanks for your help, I never would have figured that out myself! You are awesome! :smiley:

EDIT: except now it crashes while running normally (i.e., from the launcher). Thoughts? Did I miss something?

EDIT EDIT: I rebuilt it in “Development Editor” (previously had it on debuggame editor) and it seems to work now. Just need to make sure… :slight_smile:

Glad to be of assistance :slight_smile: