Crash on loading imported assets will be fixed in v207!

Hey guys,

In version 207 (not out yet, but should be this weekend), imported assets from the marketplace or UE4 in general should no longer cause a Bad Name Index callstack/crash to occur!

Happy modding! :smiley:

radial menus still can not be modified… ?

finally i have so many assets i cant use until this is done

Hopefully this gets fixed asap, since the contest deadline is approaching. I can’t even work on my map since 90% of it needs custom models.

Yeah, I know the feeling Hanway. Me and my team are waiting on imported mats to re-paint our landscapes with custom mats, in addition to a quite a few other things as well.

I’m not sure on this one Heaven, let me inquire about this

Well at the moment its not 207 we need its 209.2 so again we are 3 versions behind :confused: