Crash on load BP, wich reference other BP with this one as a ChildActor

Editor crashes on attemp to load Blueprint asset, wich reference another BP with this one as a Child Actor Component.

To reproduce:

  1. Create Blueprint (lets call it BPWithChild)
  2. Create another BP (lets call it ChildBP)
  3. Inside BPWithChild add Child Actor Component and set its class to ChildBP
  4. Inside ChildBP add a variable with type of BPWithChild.
  5. Restart editor and try to open those actors. You should get a crash.

Hey AlFlakky,

It looks like you’re running into the crash linked below:

This has been fixed for 4.15, and if you are using a source build you can grab the fix commit that is linked on the issues page.

Thanks for your report.

Have a great day