Crash on launch... Galaxy Tab S3

Hey, I’ve created an app for Oculus Go which works fine. I’m trying to build in tablet support but the app won’t launch (instant crash)
I’ve downloaded the log which is attached.

The app is called ‘OculusGo’, if that helps.

Do the logs tell you guys anything? it’s foreign to me…

Not sure, but this is my suggetion :

  1. Enable Record permission inside project setting for android .
  2. If you writing code for any voice capture class, make sure to check if its valid by calling IF isValid() statement .
  3. Use run time permission for android and set some delay like 3 sec before start voice capture since sometimes the voice capture initialize before permission is given if its called in start function .
  4. there is Oculus option at project setting under android setting, check it out .
  5. From log it fail to connect to server, make sure it has internet permission , otherwise try to debug that .

Hope that may give u a boost debugging ur issue.

Hey ,
Thanks for the suggestions… I enabled Record Permissions (even though the app doesn’t need it) and re-exporting now. Actually I don’t need any voice capture, and i don’t need internet connection! if the logs show the problem is internet then how do I turn off that requirement?

OK, that didn’t help, BUT, i had ‘Configure the AndroidManifest for deployment to Oculus Mobile’ ticked - unticking that stops the crash, i now see a splashscreen (saying ‘your splashscreen here’) but then everything is BLACK - it hasn’t crashed, but it’s black (i have no lights in my project, I don’t need them, i’m just putting images and videos onto spheres and they are all set to emissive)

Any ideas?