Crash on Launch after fresh install!

Hi there, I followed all of the steps, I have the Devkit installed, as well as copied over the ZIP from GitHub. It should work, but it wont launch, telling me “UE4Editor-Core.dll” is missing. I have verified integrity of tool cache through Steam but all files were there already. Thanks in advance!


so you installed thought steam,

dl the github zip

unzip the engine dossier in the zip in the devkit folder in steamapps/common replacing what need to be replace.

then launch the devkit using ARKDevKit.bat in the ARKDevKit folder.

if it don’t work, try redownloading the github zip maybe you have download it when it was still the 187 version.

if it still dont work i don’t know the file missing is in the github zip so the problem come from here, maybe you have issue with your connection corrupting your dl.

Thanks mate, revisiting GitHub and getting the new files worked. I didn’t realise I had to go back and get the new files after each update. I thought the update would do that for me.

Yup, every new version update for the Dev Kit currently requires manually grabbing the new binaries and engine files. Just make it a habit to check the sticked current version of Dev Kit thread regularly and you will know when you need to re-grab them :smiley:

  • Sinari