Crash on install

Hello. Today I downloaded the Ark Dev Kit for the first time. I installed it from Steam, downloaded the .zip file from github, and extracted it to the listed directory. Upon starting the ARKDevKit batch file, it begins to load, but then gives an error and closes. Specifically, this one: “The procedure entry point ?ActiveMods@FPackageName@@2V?$TArray@_KVFDefaultAllocator@@@@A could not be located in the dynamic link library UE4Editor-CoreUObject.dll.”

A quick google search turned up a thread on this forum in which the problem was found to be something out of date. Since I had to download 2 things, I don’t know which download that thread could be referring to. As today is my first day installing it, everything is current as far as I know. I have already verified the Ark Dev Kit files from Steam. I would appreciate any input. Thank you.

The ARK DevKit is on the Epic Games Launcher.


This is what I used to set up the dev kit for the first time:!. If that tutorial is no longer valid and I have to use epic game launcher, then it should be modified to reflect that or removed from the list of official tutorials on this forum to avoid confusion. I will try uninstalling the steam version of the Ark DevKit and using the Epic Games Launcher. Thank you.