Crash on Export FBX camera from sequencer

In the sequencer, exporting an animated camera FBX:
after entering the filename, and clicking save, the editor crashes.
We are trying to export an animated camera.

Here’s also some log output:

[2016.10.26-16.30.15:578][201]LogEditorViewport: Clicking on Actor (LMB): CineCameraActor (CineCameraActor1)
Signal 11 caught.
Malloc Size=131076 LargeMemoryPoolOffset=131092 
CommonLinuxCrashHandler: Signal=11
Malloc Size=65535 LargeMemoryPoolOffset=196655 

[2016.10.26-16.30.44:367][440]LogLinux: === Critical error: ===
Unhandled Exception: SIGSEGV: invalid attempt to access memory at address 0x00000000

[2016.10.26-16.30.44:367][440]LogLinux: Fatal error!

[Callstack]  00  0x00007feef2ab2e0f  FLinuxPlatformStackWalk::CaptureStackBackTrace(unsigned long long*, unsigned int, void*)
[Callstack]  01  0x00007feef298ee66  FGenericPlatformStackWalk::StackWalkAndDump(char*, unsigned long, int, void*)
[Callstack]  02  0x00007feef2a72dc2  FLinuxCrashContext::CaptureStackTrace()
[Callstack]  03  0x00007feee7be04d0  CommonLinuxCrashHandler(FGenericCrashContext const&)
[Callstack]  04  0x00007feef2a77364  PlatformCrashHandler(int, siginfo_t*, void*)
[Callstack]  05  0x00007feef390f100  /lib64/ [0x7feef390f100]
[Callstack]  06  0x00007feee718c9e0  /lib64/ [0x7feee718c9e0]
[Callstack]  07  0x00007fee76daf04f  SSlateFileOpenDlg::GetFilterExtension(FString&)
[Callstack]  08  0x00007fee76da9d65  SSlateFileOpenDlg::OnFileNameCommitted(FText const&, ETextCommit::Type)
[Callstack]  09  0x00007fee76de00b5  TBaseSPMethodDelegateInstance::ExecuteIfSafe(FText const&, ETextCommit::Type) const
[Callstack]  10  0x00007feeec3971ea  SInlineEditableTextBlock::OnTextBoxCommitted(FText const&, ETextCommit::Type)
[Callstack]  11  0x00007feeec3e4e95  TBaseSPMethodDelegateInstance::ExecuteIfSafe(FText const&, ETextCommit::Type) const
[Callstack]  12  0x00007feeec3a52ea  FSlateEditableTextLayout::HandleFocusLost(FFocusEvent const&)
[Callstack]  13  0x00007feeec13fa3d  FSlateApplication::SetUserFocus(unsigned int, FWidgetPath const&, EFocusCause)
[Callstack]  14  0x00007feeec14e2f9  FSlateApplication::RoutePointerDownEvent(FWidgetPath&, FPointerEvent&)
[Callstack]  15  0x00007feeec11cb3f  FSlateApplication::ProcessMouseButtonDownEvent(TSharedPtr const&, FPointerEvent&)
[Callstack]  16  0x00007feeec14d0b4  FSlateApplication::OnMouseDown(TSharedPtr const&, EMouseButtons::Type, FVector2D)
[Callstack]  17  0x00007feef2a66f15  FLinuxApplication::ProcessDeferredMessage(SDL_Event)
[Callstack]  18  0x00007feef2a656e2  FLinuxApplication::AddPendingEvent(SDL_Event)
[Callstack]  19  0x00007feef2a655b5  FLinuxPlatformMisc::PumpMessages(bool)
[Callstack]  20  0x00007feeec132922  FSlateApplication::TickPlatform(float)
[Callstack]  21  0x00007feeec1386f0  FSlateApplication::AddModalWindow(TSharedRef, TSharedPtr, bool)
[Callstack]  22  0x00007fee76d93861  FSlateFileDlgWindow::SaveFileDialog(void const*, FString const&, FString const&, FString const&, FString const&, unsigned int, TArray&)
[Callstack]  23  0x00007fee76d92ea0  FSlateFileDialogsModule::SaveFileDialog(void const*, FString const&, FString const&, FString const&, FString const&, unsigned int, TArray&)
[Callstack]  24  0x00007feee7e18586  FDesktopPlatformLinux::SaveFileDialog(void const*, FString const&, FString const&, FString const&, FString const&, unsigned int, TArray&)
[Callstack]  25  0x00007feecff38853  FSequencer::ExportFBX()
[Callstack]  26  0x00007feecffe6e75  /home/user/Documents/Epic/UnrealEngine/Engine/Binaries/Linux/ [0x7feecffe6e75]
[Callstack]  27  0x00007feeec21f422  SMenuEntryBlock::OnClicked(bool)
[Callstack]  28  0x00007feeec215311  SMenuEntryBlock::OnMenuItemButtonClicked()
[Callstack]  29  0x00007feeec287a9e  TBaseSPMethodDelegateInstance::Execute() const
[Callstack]  30  0x00007feeec2c4fc7  SButton::OnMouseButtonUp(FGeometry const&, FPointerEvent const&)
[Callstack]  31  0x00007feeec2888ec  SMenuEntryButton::OnMouseButtonUp(FGeometry const&, FPointerEvent const&)
[Callstack]  32  0x00007feeec14f5db  FSlateApplication::RoutePointerUpEvent(FWidgetPath&, FPointerEvent&)
[Callstack]  33  0x00007feeec11e4c4  FSlateApplication::ProcessMouseButtonUpEvent(FPointerEvent&)
[Callstack]  34  0x00007feeec155668  FSlateApplication::OnMouseUp(EMouseButtons::Type, FVector2D)
[Callstack]  35  0x00007feef2a66497  FLinuxApplication::ProcessDeferredMessage(SDL_Event)
[Callstack]  36  0x00007feef2a656e2  FLinuxApplication::AddPendingEvent(SDL_Event)
[Callstack]  37  0x00007feef2a655b5  FLinuxPlatformMisc::PumpMessages(bool)
[Callstack]  38  0x00000000004214b0  FEngineLoop::Tick() [Runtime/Core/Public/UObject/NameTypes.h, line 633]
[Callstack]  39  0x00000000004262aa  GuardedMain(wchar_t const*) [/home/user/Documents/Epic/UnrealEngine/Engine/Source/Runtime/Launch/Private/Launch.cpp, line 156]
[Callstack]  40  0x00007feee7be0e5a  CommonLinuxMain(int, char**, int (*)(wchar_t const*))
[Callstack]  41  0x00007feee710db15  /lib64/ [0x7feee710db15]
[Callstack]  42  0x000000000041452d  /home/user/Documents/Epic/UnrealEngine/Engine/Binaries/Linux/UE4Editor() [0x41452d]

[2016.10.26-16.30.44:378][440]LogExit: Executing StaticShutdownAfterError
Malloc Size=75008 LargeMemoryPoolOffset=271680

Hey aliasense-

Thank you for submitting a bug report. I have reproduced this issue and logged a report for it here Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-37849) . You can track the report’s status as the issue is reviewed by our development staff.


Is there a work around to export the camera animation as FBX or other format?

Unfortunately we do not have a workaround for this issue at this time.

Thanks, . We are trying to get the camera loaded into Autodesk Flame and Maya. Is this working on 4.14 by any chance or also broken? Or would you stay off 4.14 for now?

As the report for this issue was recently entered, the current 4.14 preview will likely show the same behavior. It is unclear at this time if a fix for this issue will be included in the final 4.14 release.

Thanks, . It is a bit of a show stopper for us as we need to get the camera out of Unreal somehow for compositing.

Hi , I saw target release is 4.15 now. Do you have a rough timeline for that? Just because we need to make a decision on which platform to pick etc.

Judging by the callstack the fix should be simple and you will be able to merge it to your clone of 4.14. However, could you please tell more about the evaluation and choices you are making, if possible - particularly the scope of the project and its lifetime. If you have a custom license, feel free to pass that on to your sales manager.