Crash on export 3ds Max

I made an update on my mode, by adding new props in it in 3ds Max. So I wanted to export the model and overwrite the old one. However this time it crashed straight away.
So I thought maybe 1 of these new props has a corrupted mesh or something. But that didn’t seem the case when I only tried those props.
After some time of figuring out which object was the culprint, it suprised me it was an object I used in alot projects already, that I have been exporting with datasmith.

How is this possible that it crashes now on this object?

Can you wetranfer me an archive of the model? We are going to look at the crash here. Please send it to with your name and description.

To get to the bottom of this, the technique is to try exporting the model piece by piece until you identify the offending object. Usually, this ends up being one object in the model responsible for the crash.