Crash on blueprints moved between folders

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When trying to move certain blueprints between folders in the content browser, the editor will crash. To recreate this bug, create a new folder from within the content browser, and try moving the DynamicClocks pack from the marketplace within the content browser to the new folder using the usual drag and drop. It will crash shortly after.

I have created a simple project with the assets to help you recreate the bug on your end quickly if you’d like, just let me know who to send the dropbox link to.

This bug occurs in the latest build of the engine, 4.10.1, with no modifications from the original launcher download.

See attached for the stack text

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  • Does this occur in a clean, blank project with the starter content or is it limited to the dynamic clocks pack?
  • Can you post your crash logs here? They can be found at \Unreal Projects\PROJECTNAME\saved\logs\
  • Is this only with blueprints or do any other assets cause the same error?

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  • I’ve had the same problem occur with moving other items between folders within the content browser sporadically in the past. The dynamic clocks pack is the one thing I’ve been able to recreate the problem with every time, making it a lot easier to submit a bug request on. The sporadic stuff is a pain, as it happens right in the middle of working on something, then you fire up the game engine, and it often doesn’t occur the next time you do the same operation.
  • Of course. See attached.
  • It’s happening in BodyInstance.cpp from the logs, so it’s possible it could be another asset than a blueprint. The pack is pretty small thankfully. The engine lists blueprints in the dialog being moved right before the crash, but the crash may be occurring before it has time to post the asset name that crashes it on the move operation.

link text

What are the exact steps you are taking when you move the assets?

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Create a new folder from within the content browser, drag and drop the DynamicClocks folder from within the content browser to the new folder using the usual drag and drop, select Move. It will crash shortly after with the stack dump I sent you.

Try copying the folder to the new location instead of moving. Do you see the same crash?

A copy succeeds. However, if I try and delete the original folder that was copied, the engine crashes with the same error as does the move.

Ok, once you copy the folder over try right clicking your contents folder, then “Fix up redirectors”, then try to delete. I am getting the same crash and working through what may be causing the error, but if we can get you a suitable workaround in the meantime it should open up what you are able to work with while we figure out where the error is actually occurring. I’ve also found that moving the individual assets to a new folder one subfolder at a time works around the crash, then a fix up redirectors prevents additional errors. You can try this method as well.

Glad you’re able to recreate it on your end. Thanks. Just tried the first suggested method of copying, followed by fix up redirectors as described. Unfortunately, the same crash still occurs on deleting the original folder.

The second method suggested, followed by a fix up redirectors, then deleting the original folder, works on the move, but crashes on the deleting of the original folder. The curious thing here is that it’s a different stack dump on crashing when deleting this way then the other times. I’ve attached it in hopes it will help you track down the larger issue.

This part of the log looks possibly relavent: [2015.12.22-22.39.37:918][393]LogPhysics:Warning: PHYSX: …..\PhysX\src\NpScene.cpp (2946) 8 : PxScene::unlockWrite() called without matching call to PxScene::lockWrite(), behaviour will be undefined.
[2015.12.22-22.39.37:918][393]LogPhysics:Warning: PHYSX: …..\PhysX\src\NpScene.cpp (2946) 8 : PxScene::unlockWrite() called without matching call to PxScene::lockWrite(), behaviour will be undefined.

I believe using the second method, I should be able to just remove the original folder from within the windows explorer while the project is closed to work around the problem. Since the move succeeded, as did the fix up redirectors, the moved pack should be intact and the original can be deleted outside of the editor, correct?

Thanks for your time on getting this issued resolved text

I went ahead and added a bug report, UE-24764, to be assessed by the development staff.