Crash on Animated FBX Import From Blender(Mac)

So I tried to import an simple animated fbx from blender but the editor crashes. I am using an imac. I can import it if I don’t import the animation.

Hey TAP2,

Can you send me your callstack that you see in the crashreporter window? Also send me your logs along with the Blend and FBX files.

-Matt W.

Hello Matt,

My crash reporter seems to be not working. It is just loading all through. And I can not send the files as attachments because it says that it is not permitted.

Oh, I could send the files in ZIP. Sorry my bad.

link textlink text

And this is what I get on the crashreporter window.

Hey TAP2,

Thanks for sending the fbx file. I was able to reproduce the crash locally and tracked it to an existing bug (UE-29143) which has been fixed for 4.13.

Again, thanks for reporting this!!

-Matt W.