Crash on 93% loading editor - when adding actor to blueprint

Hello guys,

This is a weird crash problem that I have.
By just adding one superactor(or child actor) to a blueprint, the editor crashes at startup.
I have 3 other child actors of the superactor type inside the blueprint, and they work.
Even if I just add the superactor, which contains only 3 unimplemented functions and a varaible, it crashes.

Since there is nothing executed in the actor, it seems that by simply adding this class type, it crashes (have tried adding a new empty actor type, it works)

Any ideas?, thanks.

The child actor implementation got a pretty huge overhaul with 4.14 - generally I hit a crash with a whole lot of blueprints at first - some I just had to disable some exceptions/asserts in-code so I could bypass them long enough to clear out child actor data. But it wasn’t ideal.

I don’t really have a great solution to fixing it other than to remove and re-add the child actors.

Thanks for the reply Mittense,

you mention deleting and readding the childactors, but the very act of deleting and readding an existing working child actor is what makes the editor crash at launch.
All three existing child actors that I added before works, but if I simply try to add another one of the same class is the culprit.

So to clarify, I have an object of class “TrainObject” which has subclass “TrainSoldier”, and a blueprint “TrainGUI”.
The actor “TrainSoldier” exist inside “TrainGUI”, and it works. But if I delete “TrainSoldier” and readd it again, and compile the blueprint (which works), the editor crashes at launch.

So basically, it should be exacly the same as before, still it crashes. Boggles me ;o

Should be said that we’ve upgrade a project from 4.12 to 4.14, which means that we originally created the blueprints in 4.12.

Now, the editor can crash by simply change something as simply as the child actor reference like this,


Fixed it by setting child actor component by script instead

I am plagued by this as well, across the board. I regret updating to 4.14.

Also having this problem.

Try to right click on the “Content” folder in the content browser and select “Fix up Redirectors”

Do not convert in place your existing project - create a duplicate and convert that first. Try opening and running all levels to check if something amiss. Give yourself one week before you can pat yourself - “hey I have managed to upgrade the project”…lol.