Crash on 4.5 on open persistent level

So I have a project with a world composition (persistent level, and other levels for the tiles), which is crashing any time I try to open the persistent level in the editor in 4.5. (level->open->persistent level.)

Everything was working fine before I switched over, but since I’ve updated to 4.5 I am unable to even open the persistent level in the editor. (There are other team members who haven’t moved over yet, and they’re still able to run properly in the old version)

Opening a regular test level (or any tile individually) works fine and I’m able to run the game. The issue only occurs attempting to load the persistent level for the world composition.

I’ve attached the callstack, and any help is text

Hi ,

Could you also attach your dxdiag, LOG, and DMP files? Follow the link below for directions on how to find this info.

Sorry about the delayed response, but I spent some time digging through the log file and figured it out it wouldn’t load because of a call to event: LogBlueprint:Error: [compiler] Error Missing Event ‘WorldOriginChanged’ for Event WorldOriginChanged

I had someone else on the team using the old version remove that event from the Level Bp and sure enough I could load it up and run in latest.

in short: the event WorldOriginChanged no longer exists in 4.5 so if you have a ref to it in your map you probably won’t be able to load it.