Crash: Network calling destroyed Object.

Dear all,

Got a bit of a problem here. We have this “destroy event” for our network game. However it seems to crash the game every times when it’s also calling network function at the same time.
(So on the client side, sometimes the destroy event is received first, and the network function received later, giving us access violation crash.)

So is there anyway to prevent network from calling any destroyed actor at all?


It’s weird that this is a problem, can you post the code so we can see how it works? Hard to know how to fix it in this case.

Are you sure that the crash isn’t on the server-side? Like calling Destroy then calling a network RPC? If so, that probably will give you a crash straight away. I only ask because once the object is destroyed client-side, it shouldn’t receive any Network RPC’s at that point - nothing should be called on it.