Crash Need Help

I was working on a project for 12 hours I kept saving it in case of a crash but the engine crashed and I lost everything I saved how can I get it back?

Hi Jeff Azurin,

Do you have the Project Folder in the Unreal Projects folder in your Documents? If so, with the Launcher closed, make a copy of your project folder and save it to your desktop (as a back up). Now, back in your Project Folder located in the Unreal Projects folder, delete the Intermediate, Saved and Config folders. Right-click on your .uproject file and select “Open with…” Choose the version of UE4 you were working in.

Let me know if this does not resolve your issue. If not, please post any and all error messages that may display. If there are no error messages, post details on how your system reacted (ie, did it freeze up, did it try and start the program etc.)

Steve H.