[Crash] Mac Slate crash on stop "Play" 4.6 - 4.7 OnMouseLeave()


Since 4.6 (4.7 tested today too) often when I stop a game in editor I get a crash. I got this only with 2 clients, so one is always windowed. I think it crashed when window of the second client was closed and mouse was moved.

Here are some crashdumps:

Like I understand its is something with function SViewport::OnMouseLeave. Maybe called after window is already destroyed.

Please provide more information about your Mac’s specs. You can find this in the Apple menu >About This Mac>More Info> Add the information from this window (serial # not necessary).

We also need the following information from the “System Report:” Apple menu >About This Mac>More Info> System Report>Hardware (All information listed in the “Hardware Overview.”) You can cut and paste this information or provide screen shots, whichever is more convenient.

If the crash reporter window is present when the crash occurs, select “Copy Callstack to the Clipboard,” paste that information in a document and add to this post. Be sure to hit: “Submit” on the Crash Reporter pop-up to send the Crash Report to Epic.

It is also important to provide the following logs:
The UE4.log (Located: ~/Library/Logs/Unreal Engine/Editor/)
The ProjectName.log (Located: ~/Library/Logs/Unreal Engine/ProjectNameEditor/)


This crash was fixed on last preview. Thanks.