Crash??? Lost all saves and auto-saves????

Somebody please tell me where the last 8 hours of work went!??!??

Are you 100% that there aren’t any auto-saves in the project folder and** that you are in the right project**? :wink: Because otherwise it looks pretty bad for your stuff. But normally you shouldt loose everything just because of a crash when you have saved your stuff. …-Saved-Autosaves

Hi charliewhiskey,

I am sorry that you have had a crash, can you post to This will help us to assist you further. Post this in the bug reports section with the following information:

crash callstack
log (found in the folder \projectname\saved\logs\ - replace projectname with your projects name)
System specs (video card, processor, RAM, etc…)

Finally add in what was occurring when you had your crash.

Thank you,

Auto save must be set to save content? Not default?

Yeah, Thanks everyone. I just lost 8 hours of work because auto-save is set to NOT save content by default?

I am no longer certain which planet I am on.