[Crash] Having a state open in animation graph and removing parent state machine causes crash.

In UE4 4.2.0. If a State is open as a tab, and you try to click it after you remove its parent State Machine, the editor crashes.


  1. Create Animation Blueprint
  2. Add a State Machine
  3. Add a new State inside State Machine
  4. Open State, so it exists as a tab in window
  5. Go to Animation Blueprint
  6. Delete State Machine
  7. Click on State tab
  8. Crash

Suggestion of solution:

On deletion of state machine, check for any open tabs related to it and its children and close them.

Hi Denny,

Thank you for the bug report. I have reproduced and reported this issue to our engineers.


Awesome! Tell the team to keep up the good work. :slight_smile:

Stephen Can you plz check my bug report?