[Crash] Fix Up Redirections in Folder 4.18.1

I downloaded an asset from the Marketplace. Now because I only need 1 asset from that pack I moved that to another folder and then clicked “Fix Up Redirections in Folder”. But every time I try this, UE4 crashes… It worked for other folders before (although veeeeeeeeeeery slow). Crash occurs pretty much instantly.

I’m not using the source version, It is a c++ project. Using VS2017, Windows 10.

Updated post with editor symbols now. Also note that restarting and such does not fix the problem. Problem is reproduceable for this project.

Apparently I can’t even delete the problematic folder. It causes the same crash. I can delete other folders though.

I fixed it by:

  • Close UE4 and VS
  • Delete the folder on Harddisk
  • Delete the binary folder in the project directory
  • Download the asset to a dummy project and migrate it to the real project
  • Compile it again through VS