Crash/Fatal error importing FBX Animation

So basically, when I try to import Mixamo animations (some others also), it crashes after I select the import settings and press import (Select skeleton etc).
Here’s the relevant bit of the log:
[2015.11.28-01.32.32:284][746]SourceControl: Info C:/Users/Fabian/Documents/Unreal Projects/RPG/Content/Animations/Pro_Magic_Pack/Crouch_Idle.uasset - no such file(s).

[2015.11.28-01.32.32:302][746]LogFactory: FactoryCreateBinary: StaticMesh with FbxFactory (0 0 ../../../../../../Users/Fabian/Documents/Mixamo Animations/Pro_Magic_Pack/Crouch_Idle.fbx)
[2015.11.28-01.32.32:529][746]LogFbx: ItemName: GlobalSettings, ItemCount : 1
[2015.11.28-01.32.32:529][746]LogFbx: ItemName: Model, ItemCount : 66
[2015.11.28-01.32.32:529][746]LogFbx: ItemName: NodeAttribute, ItemCount : 66
[2015.11.28-01.32.32:529][746]LogFbx: ItemName: AnimationStack, ItemCount : 1
[2015.11.28-01.32.32:529][746]LogFbx: ItemName: AnimationLayer, ItemCount : 1
[2015.11.28-01.32.32:529][746]LogFbx: ItemName: AnimationCurveNode, ItemCount : 55
[2015.11.28-01.32.32:529][746]LogFbx: ItemName: AnimationCurve, ItemCount : 321
[2015.11.28-01.32.32:623][746]LogFbx: Loading FBX Scene from ../../../../../../Users/Fabian/Documents/Mixamo Animations/Pro_Magic_Pack/Crouch_Idle.fbx
[2015.11.28-01.32.32:891][746]LogFbx: FBX Scene Loaded Succesfully
[2015.11.28-01.32.49:802][746]LogFbx: Loading FBX Scene from ../../../../../../Users/Fabian/Documents/Mixamo Animations/Pro_Magic_Pack/Crouch_Idle.fbx
[2015.11.28-01.32.50:051][746]LogFbx: FBX Scene Loaded Succesfully
[2015.11.28-01.32.50:132][746]LogFbx: SortedLinks :(0) Hips
[2015.11.28-01.32.50:132][746]LogFbx: SortedLinks :(1) Spine
[2015.11.28-01.32.50:132][746]LogFbx: SortedLinks :(2) Spine1
[2015.11.28-01.32.50:132][746]LogFbx: SortedLinks :(3) Spine2
[2015.11.28-01.32.50:132][746]LogFbx: SortedLinks :(4) Neck
[2015.11.28-01.32.50:132][746]LogFbx: SortedLinks :(5) Neck1
[2015.11.28-01.32.50:132][746]LogFbx: SortedLinks :(6) Head
[2015.11.28-01.32.50:132][746]LogFbx: SortedLinks :(7) HeadTop_End
[2015.11.28-01.32.50:132][746]LogFbx: SortedLinks :(8) LeftShoulder
[2015.11.28-01.32.50:132][746]LogFbx: SortedLinks :(9) LeftArm
[2015.11.28-01.32.50:132][746]LogFbx: SortedLinks :(10) LeftForeArm
[2015.11.28-01.32.50:132][746]LogFbx: SortedLinks :(11) LeftHand
[2015.11.28-01.32.50:132][746]LogFbx: SortedLinks :(12) LeftHandThumb1
[2015.11.28-01.32.50:132][746]LogFbx: SortedLinks :(13) LeftHandThumb2
[2015.11.28-01.32.50:132][746]LogFbx: SortedLinks :(14) LeftHandThumb3
[2015.11.28-01.32.50:132][746]LogFbx: SortedLinks :(15) LeftHandThumb4
[2015.11.28-01.32.50:132][746]LogFbx: SortedLinks :(16) LeftHandMiddle1
[2015.11.28-01.32.50:132][746]LogFbx: SortedLinks :(17) LeftHandMiddle2
[2015.11.28-01.32.50:132][746]LogFbx: SortedLinks :(18) LeftHandMiddle3
[2015.11.28-01.32.50:132][746]LogFbx: SortedLinks :(19) LeftHandMiddle4
[2015.11.28-01.32.50:132][746]LogFbx: SortedLinks :(20) LeftHandIndex1
[2015.11.28-01.32.50:132][746]LogFbx: SortedLinks :(21) LeftHandIndex2
[2015.11.28-01.32.50:132][746]LogFbx: SortedLinks :(22) LeftHandIndex3
[2015.11.28-01.32.50:132][746]LogFbx: SortedLinks :(23) LeftHandIndex4
[2015.11.28-01.32.50:132][746]LogFbx: SortedLinks :(24) LeftHandRing1
[2015.11.28-01.32.50:132][746]LogFbx: SortedLinks :(25) LeftHandRing2
[2015.11.28-01.32.50:132][746]LogFbx: SortedLinks :(26) LeftHandRing3
[2015.11.28-01.32.50:132][746]LogFbx: SortedLinks :(27) LeftHandRing4
[2015.11.28-01.32.50:132][746]LogFbx: SortedLinks :(28) LeftHandPinky1
[2015.11.28-01.32.50:132][746]LogFbx: SortedLinks :(29) LeftHandPinky2
[2015.11.28-01.32.50:132][746]LogFbx: SortedLinks :(30) LeftHandPinky3
[2015.11.28-01.32.50:132][746]LogFbx: SortedLinks :(31) LeftHandPinky4
[2015.11.28-01.32.50:132][746]LogFbx: SortedLinks :(32) RightShoulder
[2015.11.28-01.32.50:132][746]LogFbx: SortedLinks :(33) RightArm
[2015.11.28-01.32.50:132][746]LogFbx: SortedLinks :(34) RightForeArm
[2015.11.28-01.32.50:132][746]LogFbx: SortedLinks :(35) RightHand
[2015.11.28-01.32.50:132][746]LogFbx: SortedLinks :(36) RightHandThumb1
[2015.11.28-01.32.50:132][746]LogFbx: SortedLinks :(37) RightHandThumb2
[2015.11.28-01.32.50:132][746]LogFbx: SortedLinks :(38) RightHandThumb3
[2015.11.28-01.32.50:132][746]LogFbx: SortedLinks :(39) RightHandThumb4
[2015.11.28-01.32.50:132][746]LogFbx: SortedLinks :(40) RightHandIndex1
[2015.11.28-01.32.50:132][746]LogFbx: SortedLinks :(41) RightHandIndex2
[2015.11.28-01.32.50:132][746]LogFbx: SortedLinks :(42) RightHandIndex3
[2015.11.28-01.32.50:132][746]LogFbx: SortedLinks :(43) RightHandIndex4
[2015.11.28-01.32.50:132][746]LogFbx: SortedLinks :(44) RightHandMiddle1
[2015.11.28-01.32.50:132][746]LogFbx: SortedLinks :(45) RightHandMiddle2
[2015.11.28-01.32.50:132][746]LogFbx: SortedLinks :(46) RightHandMiddle3
[2015.11.28-01.32.50:132][746]LogFbx: SortedLinks :(47) RightHandMiddle4
[2015.11.28-01.32.50:132][746]LogFbx: SortedLinks :(48) RightHandRing1
[2015.11.28-01.32.50:132][746]LogFbx: SortedLinks :(49) RightHandRing2
[2015.11.28-01.32.50:132][746]LogFbx: SortedLinks :(50) RightHandRing3
[2015.11.28-01.32.50:132][746]LogFbx: SortedLinks :(51) RightHandRing4
[2015.11.28-01.32.50:132][746]LogFbx: SortedLinks :(52) RightHandPinky1
[2015.11.28-01.32.50:132][746]LogFbx: SortedLinks :(53) RightHandPinky2
[2015.11.28-01.32.50:132][746]LogFbx: SortedLinks :(54) RightHandPinky3
[2015.11.28-01.32.50:132][746]LogFbx: SortedLinks :(55) RightHandPinky4
[2015.11.28-01.32.50:132][746]LogFbx: SortedLinks :(56) LeftUpLeg
[2015.11.28-01.32.50:132][746]LogFbx: SortedLinks :(57) LeftLeg
[2015.11.28-01.32.50:132][746]LogFbx: SortedLinks :(58) LeftFoot
[2015.11.28-01.32.50:132][746]LogFbx: SortedLinks :(59) LeftToeBase
[2015.11.28-01.32.50:132][746]LogFbx: SortedLinks :(60) LeftFootToeBase_End
[2015.11.28-01.32.50:132][746]LogFbx: SortedLinks :(61) RightUpLeg
[2015.11.28-01.32.50:132][746]LogFbx: SortedLinks :(62) RightLeg
[2015.11.28-01.32.50:132][746]LogFbx: SortedLinks :(63) RightFoot
[2015.11.28-01.32.50:132][746]LogFbx: SortedLinks :(64) RightToeBase
[2015.11.28-01.32.50:132][746]LogFbx: SortedLinks :(65) RightFootToeBase_End
[2015.11.28-01.32.50:137][746]LogFbx: Parsing AnimStack


[2015.11.28-01.32.57:356][746]LogWindows:Error: === Critical error: ===
Fatal error!

[2015.11.28-01.32.58:007][746]LogExit: Executing StaticShutdownAfterError
[2015.11.28-01.32.58:554][746]LogPhysics:Warning: PHYSX: ..\..\PhysX\src\NpScene.cpp (2946) 8 : PxScene::unlockWrite() called without matching call to PxScene::lockWrite(), behaviour will be undefined.
[2015.11.28-01.32.58:555][746]LogPhysics:Warning: PHYSX: ..\..\PhysX\src\NpScene.cpp (2946) 8 : PxScene::unlockWrite() called without matching call to PxScene::lockWrite(), behaviour will be undefined.
[2015.11.28-01.32.58:578][746]LogWindows: FPlatformMisc::RequestExit(1)
[2015.11.28-01.32.58:578][746]Log file closed, 11/28/15 01:32:58

I’m using UE 4.10, and these animations import fine on 4.9.2. I can’t really switch as I need some UE 4.10 features and also a lot of my blueprints aren’t compatible with 4.9.2.

Many people have similar problems importing FBX with animations on 4.10, I just came across that too. supposedly there is a fix already but only through Git and the links given elsewhere dont work. I really hope this gets fixed soo for everybody

Hi Fabsterpal,

The Mixamo Animation Pack in the Library has a disclaimer stating “Not Compatible with Unreal Engine 4.10” so if you are Migrating them from an earlier version this is going to cause issues associated AnimBlueprints. However, if you are exporting/importing them directly from a 3DProgram intending to create a new AnimBlueprint from scratch, please provide the following so that we can investigate the crash:

  1. A Copy of your dxdiag ((Windows Start Button>(search “dxdiag”)>Launch dxdiag>select “Save all information”>attach text file to your post.)
  2. From the crash reporter window, select “Copy Callstack to the Clipboard,” paste that information in a document and add to this post OR…
  3. Your Machine ID so we can link your crash with others on our Crash Reporter (You can send this as a private message to me on our if you do not want to post it here.)




Thanks for your reply.

I am actually talking about animations obtained directly from Mixamo store, in fbx format. These same files import fine in 4.9.2, and it’s not specific to Mixamo animations. Nearly any fbx file I try importing reacts the same.

I’m tempted to do a build from the source so that I can see exactly where the issue is.

Also, how do you get the machine ID?


The only way I know to get your machine ID is by copying and pasting it from the Callstack that is generated in the Crash Reporter window (Step 2 above.) I listed the third option in case you knew of another way beside that, in which case I could look up the callstack on our end with just your machine ID. In short, if you can send just the callstack that includes your machine ID, that would be easiest. -If you don’t want to paste it here, you can send it to me in a private message on our .

I will test this with other FBX files tomorrow.

Hi Fabian,

I have tested this out with a handful of test FBX files created from earlier versions of the engine and they import without issue. Could you send me a copy of both the FBX file in question and the original file that it was generated from? Again you can send these to me in a private message on our :

Hi Fabian,

Since we have not heard back from you in a while, I am closing this post for tracking purposes. However, if you are still experiencing a Fatal Error when you import FBX animations simply respond to this thread and we will continue to investigate. To clarify my last post, I tested this with with animations exported from earlier versions of the engine and re-exported from Maya as FBX files as well as test FBX animations that were used to test previous versions of the engine that still import correctly into 4.10 without causing a fatal error.

By sending me the FBX file and original file I can test to see if the FBX causes the engine to crash here and if it does, I can check the export settings from the original file to see if this makes any difference. Finally, if you’ve discovered the root of the problem on your own, we’d appreciate you posting your findings to help anyone experiencing the same or similar issue.