Crash Engine and Slow PC


I was programming normally, trying to get the character use the common animation until this happened. The engine Crash and the Pc gets slow when I use the below command

Hope you fix this bug! =)

Hi Tulk,

Can you reproduce the crash and send me the callstack(in a txt file) and logs for the crash? I see multiple crashes from you in our tracking system and I don’t know which one you’re reporting.

Could you also provide some more info about the crash? Does it crash when you PIE with this character? Does it crash when you compile?

I can’t reproduce. Details following:
For the last question, “crashed” (The Game Frozen and PC slowest) when I press a button “S” to loose me of the ledge and back to default animation of Mannequin (Need Alt+F4 back to normal). But I tested here again now and didn’t occur. Maybe did it again, idk. Day in, day out. Do you fix it?
Sorry for my bad english, but I never hear this expression before (PIE). What means? And thanks for answer =)

Hi Tulk,

PIE means Play in Editor. It’s a common phrase in Unreal Engine, sorry for any confusion.

It looks like you have an endless loop happening when you have “Play Animation” and “Set Anim Instance Class”. They loop with no break and that’s a problem.

Thanks for the help! =)